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8 Things to do While You’re on a Plane Ride

I love to travel but sometimes I get a little sick or restless on planes. Today, I am going to share 8 things to do while you’re on a plane ride, that I actually do.

8 Things to do While You’re on a Plane Ride

Read a book – books are a great way to pass the time. You can read about fast paced books to read on the plane here!

Take some pictures – This may seem a little silly but if you love Instagram and photography and everything of that nature, the plane is a great place to take pictures. Not of you of course, because that might seem a little weird, but of the view from the window. From up above, everything is at a different perspective. You are so high up that even a drone couldn’t get these pictures!

Watch a movie – Today, most planes have free movies that you can watch. Movies are the same as books as they pass the time. Also, now you can download movies and TV shows on Netflix which is very exciting because not you can watch without wifi!

Sleep – If you get air-sick like me, the best way to stop suffering through stomach aches is to sleep. Pop in some ear plugs and put your eye mask on and SLEEP!

Listen to music – Not only does listening to music pass the time as well, but it is relaxing.

Download some games on your phone or computer – There have been so many times where I am in a car for a few hours and I just play some games on my phone or computer. On my phone, I usually play word scramble or Candy Crush. The best games to pass the times are ones with multiple levels. For the computer, I usually play Octagon, Flappy Golf, or 2048. All of these games are so addicting

Get work done! – Planes are the best place to get work done because there are very minimal distractions and you don’t have anywhere else to go or anything else to do.

Multi-task – Most of the time, I have to be doing two things at once to be completely entertained. For example, I would watch a movie and play a game or listen to music and do work. There are hundreds of combinations.

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