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A Day in Malibu

Two days ago I spent a day in Malibu as a part of my trip to California. At 73 degrees, it was one of the hotter days of the week.

Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, there were many picture opportunities of the ocean that you can just pull over and snap pictures at. When we stopped on the side of the road, we saw some dolphins in the ocean! We also saw a lot of paddle boarders and kayakers.

Malibu Farm

First we went to Malibu Farm on the Malibu Pier. There are two parts of Malibu Farm: the cafe and the restaurant. We went to the restaurant that is closer to the land but I definitely want to go back and try the cafe because it was at the end of the pier. We got there around 12 pm on a Tuesday and it wasn’t that crowded yet but it does get very crowded depending on the time you go. I ordered the watermelon juice that was very tasty and the steak tacos that were delicious. Everything on the pier was so cute including the stores at the end of the pier that had a lot of cute clothes, shoes, and more.

Then we went to the Malibu Country Mart where surprisingly, they have a lot of good stores. I thought that there would be more tourist-y gift shop stores but they had a Lululemon, Urban Outfitters, etc. My favorite part about Malibu Country Mart was Sunlife, where they make smoothies and açaí bowls. I got the Brazilian Bowl and it tasted amazing! There was also this adorable angel wing wall on the side of Sunlife that I had always seen on Pinterest and Instagram.

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