How I Edit My Instagram 2018 (white theme)

Since photography is a huge part of my life, you would think Instagram is as well: and you’re right. Instagram is my favorite way to share my photography and life with all of you! Honestly, I love the whole process of it. Taking photos, choosing the right one, editing it, and stressing over how it doesn’t match the rest of my feed. Today, I am going to take you through the last two parts of my whole Instagram process.

I thought a video would be a little easier to walk you through my process. Recently I have loved learning how to edit videos because it is something new for me! If you haven’t already, please subscribe and like this video because of most of the time, videos go up before posts and it would just be easier to keep up that way.

Anyway, I recommend watching the video first and coming back here because I am going to explain a little further than I did in the video.

Method 1: Facetune

Facetune makes it so easy to only whiten certain spots in your photo. Your photos do not have to be completely white to match your “white feed” but whitening a few spots will do the trick. Make sure after you go and whiten a part of your image to erase any excess white that bled over to other parts of your photo. Also, keep in mind that Facetune only recognizes blues, tans, and yellows to whiten so this may not always be your best option.

Method 2: Lightroom Mobile

Don’t be scared of all of the fancy buttons on Lightroom because if you use them right, they can really be a lifesaver. Lightroom allows you to choose a color in your image and completely desaturate that color to make it a shade of white. The image I use in the example in the video doesn’t show this exactly but you can kind of get the idea. The image in the video shows my garage door which is slightly tinted yellow. Desaturating it removes the color, making it whiter.

*Note: only desaturate a color if it only appears in that specific area of the image. For example, in my image it desaturated the yellows and greens. There were no other traces of yellow or green in the image, so nothing else was affected. Desaturating reds, oranges, and yellows can make skin tones look off*

This method works the best for life style images but can be used in portraits (aka photos with people in it).

Organizing a Feed:

In my video I mention placing a “plain” image next to a “noisy” image. Alternating between these makes a feed look less cluttered. Another rule I follow is never put pictures next to each other that look similar. For example, don’t post two pictures next to each other that both have 2 people standing up, doing the same pose. Furthermore, a picture of you, wearing an outfit twice.  If you want to, I would say post in 3s. The first thing someone sees when they go onto your Instagram feed is 3 rows of 3 images. Keep them consistent, but not matching.


Honestly, I could go on hours and hours talking about this kind of stuff. I have revealed (most) of my secrets to you here so I hope you learned something new! Most importantly, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see this tips live-in-action!

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  • Your feed is so cute! I’ll have to go have a nose on Instagram. I love using FaceTune as well!

    Jaynie Shannon*


  • Paolo

    Diggin the white them, very aesthetically pleasing. Do you ever find it restricting though? Keeping to the white theme that is. Very nice vid too! Easy to follow and informative. What did you use to make the vid btw? Thanks!

    • Thank you so much! Sometimes I do find it restricting because I have so many other photos that I would like to post but do not fit in the theme. To make the video I just used iMovie!


      • Paolo

        Ah iMovie, one of the benefits of using Apple. Tis a great little program, thanks!

  • The Sunday Mode

    Love your theme and I’ve been hearing about Lightroom a lot lately, I’ll have to check out the mobile version.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode