How to Get Stuff Done

For most people, summer means more time. More time to get stuff done. Summer started for me a week ago and in that time, I have gotten a lot of stuff done.

For example, I cleaned my room. When I say clean my room, I mean I went through every single drawer, shelf, and tabletop and got rid of a lot of stuff. It felt good to get rid of a lot of stuff because it will make life so much easier in the future and it felt good to do something productive.

1. Motivation

The first step to getting stuff done is finding the right motivation. Whether it be Pinterest, a friend, books, magazines, inspiration or motivation is everywhere. Friends who want to get the same stuff done are great resources because you can bounce ideas off of each other.

2. List-it

Grab a cute notebook and make lists: big lists, smaller lists, sub-category lists. Just make lists for tasks that require more than one step. Start with a list of what you want to get done. Then make smaller lists from the big lists (these are the sub-category lists). For example, if one of the larger tasks you want to conquer is cleaning your room, make another list of specific tasks. This would include vacuuming, re-organizing your makeup, and getting rid of junk.

3. Do it

Start with the smallest tasks that will take the least amount of time. The more you get done in a short period of time, the more accomplished you will feel. You can then use this motivation to tackle the bigger tasks that take more effort. Also, you can check off more tasks off of your list.

4. Finish it off!

Once you’ve finished everything on all of your lists, check them off and show it off! Show your friends and get them to get stuff done, or just keep making more lists and keep doing more things!

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