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Japan || Day 1

Finally, I’ve made it to Japan! After a very long 14 hours on the plane, I’m here. I have been waiting to come to Japan for a long time now and I have never been more excited. Thus, I have decided to document my entire trip through a different camera than usual: my GoPro!

Day 1

Here is the first video of many to come (don’t forget to subscribe to my new channel!). This day started on the East Coast of the US on Friday morning and ended up in Japan on Saturday afternoon.

After reaching Narita International Airport, we decided to try out the famous Ichiran ramen: and it was completely worth the wait. We went to the one in Shimbashi, which was a little difficult to find (Tip: look for the Ichiran logo!). One thing you learn from coming to Japan is that the love their vending machines. They’re everywhere. Ichiran is famous for their vending machine where you pre-pay for all of the food. All you do is insert your money and click on the buttons of what you want to order. The machine then spits out a ticket to give to the mysterious waitresses behind the counter. Furthermore, Ichiran is set up as single booths so you can enjoy your ramen in private! If you aren’t coming to Japan anytime soon, you can try Ichiran in Brooklyn, NY.

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