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Japan || Day 3 – Disney Sea

Merry (belated) Christmas from Disney Sea! As an attempt to beat the crowds, we decided to go to the park on Christmas. However, Disney Sea was as crazy as ever.

Day 3

For me, I had to visit Disney Sea because it is very different compared to all of the other Disney parks throughout the world. Other than the exotic rides, the food was so unique. I had to try the alien mochi (from Toy Story) and the unusual popcorn flavors in the crazy popcorn buckets. I tried the curry popcorn which I highly recommend in the Mickey popcorn bucket.

The people in this park take everything to a whole new level. The matching outfits, the food, and the merchandise are all like nothing you’ve seen before. Hence, the burger bag or hamburger handbag… (whichever name you prefer). This was definitely¬†my favorite thing about Disney Sea. I couldn’t get over it the entire day (and probably the rest of the trip!). Plus, it was so convenient for holding money and all of my tickets!

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