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NYC Brunch: Jack’s Wife Freida

My all time favorite to go for breakfast, lunch or brunch is Jack’s Wife Freida in Soho, NY. I first went here because I saw the adorable pictures of waffles, drinks, and sugar packets all over Instagram and after eating, I was amazed by how good the food tasted. Jack’s Wife Freida is located on Lafayette and Spring Street so it is so easy to get to from all of the famous shops on Broadway.

Tip: I defiantly trying to avoid the restaurant around peak times, but if you can not avoid it, the wait is not as bad as it seems. Every time I went, it was extremely crowded and the wait was always longer than 30 minutes. When you get there, you put your name in and they tell you that you can wait, or walk around and come back in x minutes. If you choose to wait it out, I guarantee you that your wait will be half of the time. One time I went they said the wait would be an hour and a half but I only waited about 30 minutes

The first time I went to Jack’s Wife Freida, I was overwhelmed by the food choices because they all seemed so complicated. I ended up having the prego roll, which is a steak sandwich with garlic butter on a slightly toasted roll. The steak was the best I had ever had and the flavor was amazing. Along with that I had a side order of sautéed kale because it is my favorite, and a matcha drink. The drinks most likely change with the season but I know you can get a mint lemonade or cantaloupe juice. The mint lemonade is very minty and is carbonated.


The second time I went, I took my friend along with me. She got a regular hamburger, which was pretty good, and we both got matzah ball soup, which was a terrible idea in the middle of the summer. The soup was tasty except it needed a little extra salt.


On top of the amazing food, they have the cutest little cups, menus, and sugar packets that are perfect to Instagram.


Jack’s Wife Freida is my favorite brunch spot in NYC by far because of how cute it is in there and how amazing the food is!


NYC Brunch: Jack’s Wife Freida

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