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What you Should Know Before Going to Smorgasburg

This Saturday I finally got around to going to Smorgasburg! I have been waiting for what feels like years to be able to go to the capital of all Instagrammable foods.

Before arriving, you have to do your research of course. I knew that I definitely wanted to try the Ramen Burger and the Spaghetti Donut. I also know that I didn’t want to go completely overboard to the point where I was going to feel sick.
Smorgasburg was nothing like I expected. There were so many people around (which is a given since it is only open on Saturdays) and there were so many food vendors. I decided To not get foods that I could find easily out of Smorgasburg such as rolled ice cream or bao.
Surprisingly, I only got 3 things to eat:
Spaghetti Donut – Pop Pasta
Pop Pasta sold 3 different “flavors” of donuts: Spaghetti, Mac & Cheese, and Carbonara. I got the Spaghetti and it was pretty good. Nothing special except for its shape. It tasted like normal Spaghetti but a little drier.
Ramen Burger
This is pretty much what I came to Smorgasburg for. Being a huge fan of ramen, I needed to try this new creation. The ramen burger is a burger in which the buns are made of ramen. This is similar to the Spaghetti donuts in that they are just noodles in the shape of a patty. It’s like making instant ramen but not having the noodles break apart from each other. Overall, I was disappointed. The bun and meat part was ok but the sauce on the meat was not good. I wish they would not have included sauce, but if they did, I would like it to be more like ramen broth.
Salted Caramel Churro Ice Cream Sandwich – Dulcenia
This was definitely my favorite thing that I ate that day. I got two churros in a circle shape, with salted caramel ice cream and slab of caramel. It was amazing! This is definitely worth the wait of about 15 minutes.
If I were to go back, I definitely would want to try the Nutella Marshmallow Ice Cream from Bona Bona Ice Cream and the crazy cups of juice from John’s Juice! The line for John’s Juice went far out of Smorgasburg itself and looked like a very long wait.
Some tips for Smorgasburg:
1. Do research ahead of time
2. Consider what foods you do and do not have access to anywhere else
3. Take breaks between eating
4. Don’t forget to grab a drink because there aren’t that many places to buy just a bottle of water

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