How to Take Sharper Images

Whether it’s portraits, landscapes, or any other type of photography, it is important to make sure your pictures are clear. Sometimes, I have a difficult time with autofocus or trying to focus manually. I have found the best way to take sharper images and I am here to share it with you!

Zoom and live view on the Nikon D7200

How to Take Sharper Images:

  1. Manual Focus – Before I learned this tip, I was a little afraid of manual focus because I did not trust my eye to focus the image completely.
  2. Live view – Put your camera in live view. Most SLR cameras have this function
  3. Zoom – While still on live view, zoom into your subject
  4. Focus – Use your lens to focus on a detail on the subject
  5. (Optional) Zoom out – Zoom out in live view to frame your subject
  6. Snap your photo!

This is the best way that I have found to take the sharpest images. As long as you focus on a small detail in zoom mode, where you want to focus to be will be in focus. For portraits, for example, it is best to make sure the face and eyes are in focus. Of course, you could always change the aperture to your desired depth of field.

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